Victoria D. de Sanchez Northern Virginia Annual Teacher of the Year Award 2006

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Magda A. Cabrero
2006 Magda A. Cabrero Falls Church High, Fairfax County, Virginia

Magda Cabrero, a U.S. citizen by birth and child of Venezuelan and Puerto Rican parents, left Puerto Rico for Florida in search of a vocation and found teaching. After receiving her B.A. from the University of Florida, she earned a master’s in Spanish from Miami University. While she attended Miami University she also taught Spanish as a Teacher Assistant. She earned her doctorate in Education at the University of Maryland, concentrating on Curriculum and Instruction and School Administration.

Magda’s teaching experiences have been broad and diverse, beginning with tutoring students in English, Spanish and French to teaching Spanish at Falls Church High, where she has chaired the foreign language department, and served as the Professional Development Coordinator and Professional Learning Community Coordinator.

Beyond language barriers, her focus has been working with students with both learning and physical disabilities, minority students and Hispanic females students – the least represented student segment in extracurricular activities who often leave school and/or become pregnant. In an effort to address these problems, Magda started an organization called Las Hermanitas to mentor young Hispanic women and challenge them to reach for higher life goals.

Magda’s Spanish class is telecast to other Fairfax County high schools so that students can benefit from her teaching, language, and communication skills. She is praised by principal Janice Lloyd for her efforts to “instill a love of education and sensitivity for multiculturalism” in each student.

Teaching philosophy

  • I love teaching literature and helping elevate how my students think, moving from concrete ideas to abstract concepts.
  • Find the best in teenagers and give them the best tools so they can reach their maximum potential.
  • We need to fill in the achievement gap for underprivileged children, whether they are native Spanish speakers or speaking other languages.


  • Chairman of the Foreign Language department, Falls Church High School
  • Staff Development Coordinator
  • Co-chair School Improvement
  • Created Las Hermanitas for female Hispanic students
  • George Mason University professor
  • Ph.D., University of Maryland