Dr. Ana Lado
Professor Marymount University and Hispanic Youth of Northern Virginia Selection Committee Member since 2007

Alexandria, VA

Ana Lado

Country of origin (or family’s country or origin):



Georgetown University
Ph.D. Applied Linguistics


Professor of Education
Marymount University

My first job was teaching preschoolers in a bilingual daycare center in the center of the immigrant community. Teaching little children is fun.

Today, I am a college professor who teaches people who want to become teachers. This is exciting. I am an expert in teaching with picture books and love giving workshops in schools.

Who inspired me?

My father, Robert Lado, was my inspiration. He had worked his way up from painting those enormous billboards on the sides of Route 1 to becoming Dean at Georgetown University. When he came to Washington, D.C. in the 1960s, he found that the immigrant Hispanic community had many needs, everything from language learning to medical services. Together, with a large group of Hispanic people, he started free English classes, medical clinics, job centers… this became the Spanish Catholic Center in the Washington Dioceses. Whenever he saw a need, he innovatively addressed it. For example, when he realized no one had written a book on language testing, he did. When he realized preschool children in daycare centers needed literacy, he provided it. When he realized that Hispanic immigrants didn’t have enough places to learn English, he founded schools and programs.

Community Involvement

I am on the Board of Lady Managers of Inova Hospital in Alexandria. We raise money for big ticket items for the hospital through fun events. The best event is a fall fashion show, luncheon, and silent auction.

I also work at the Lado International College, a family-owned business founded in 1972. Most of the time I write curriculum materials, but thankfully in the summers I also get to teach beginning levels of English. I enjoy teaching.

Why am I involved with the HYF of Northern Virginia?

About 6 years ago, I had just finished a five year long summer school program in which mostly Hispanic youth build seaworthy boats and learn about college. At that time, Dr. Jim Bundschuh, then president of Marymount University, asked me to help select candidates for the Hispanic Teacher of the Year Award. I am passionate about supporting excellent teachers and am grateful for the opportunity to honor the best.